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St. John's in the News

St. John’s College wins 2019 Dive Award for Change in Financial Model
Capital Gazette, December 10, 2019.

4-year College of the Year: St. John's College
Education Dive, December 9, 2019.

Student Union US College Leaders Take Unique Approaches to Attract More Students
VOA Student Union, December 4, 2019.

A New Model for Reality
Inside Higher Ed, October 28, 2019.

Radical Survival Strategies for Struggling Colleges
The New York Times, October 10, 2019.

Newest Scientific Device at St. John’s College is Old School
Albuquerque Journal, September 22, 2019.

Around Annapolis: Mitchell Gallery Celebrates 30 Years of Transcending Time, Culture and History through Art
Capital Gazette, September 21, 2019.

A Mystery Centuries in the Making is Solved Amid the Rare Books at St. John’s College
The Washington Post, September 19, 2019.

St. John’s College to Unveil Functional Armillary Sphere
Santa Fe New Mexican, September 12, 2019.

Unknown Locke Manuscript Found at a College in Maryland
Smithsonian, September 4, 2019.

Unknown John Locke Manuscript Discovered at St. John’s College’s Annapolis Library
The Baltimore Sun, September 4, 2019.

Unknown Text by John Locke Reveals Roots of 'foundational democratic ideas'
The Guardian, September 3, 2019.

John Locke Breaks His Silence:  A new manuscript is located in Maryland. But do Americans care what the philosopher has to say?
The Wall Street Journal, August 30, 2019.

The Guide: Anne Arundel grads can pursue college studies close to home
Capital Gazette, August 29, 2019.

"Freeing Minds.”:  A Closer Look at St. John's Bid to Cut Tuition—and Why Donors Are All In​
Inside Philanthropy, August 29, 2019.

Getting the Price Just Right
The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 18, 2019.

International Student Housing Options in the U.S.
U.S. News & World Report, August 15, 2019.

More Private Colleges Are Cutting Tuition, but Don’t Expect to Pay Less
The New York Times, August 9, 2019.

The Liberal Sciences and the Lost of Art of Learning
American Enterprise Institute, May 17, 2019.

Maryland's Small colleges saw the Future, and it was Bleak. Now, they're Selling Liberal Arts with a Twist​
The Baltimore Sun, May 13, 2019.

Graduation Advice: What St. John's College Graduates Have to Say to Us
Capital Gazette, May 12, 2019.

St. John's College, Naval Academy Partner for Graduate Studies Program
Capital Gazette, April 29, 2019.

St. Johns Defeats Navy 4-1 in 37th Annual Annapolis Cup
Eye on Annapolis, April 27, 2019.

All about Fashion at the 37th Annual Annapolis Cup
Capital Gazette, April 27, 2019.

St. John's College Reports Spike in Domestic Applicants, Fewer Internationals
Capital Gazette, April 26, 2019.

College Essay Examples: How to Write Your Story Experts Say a Good College Essay is one that Features a Student's Voice and Personality
U.S. News & World Report, April 24, 2019.

Episode 95--Mark Roosevelt
The Curiosity Hour Podcast, March 29, 2019.

College Admission is on Trial
The Hill, March 31, 2019.

Timeless Appeal: Another Alumnus Donor Makes the Case for the Residential College Experience
Inside Philanthropy, March 17, 2019.

Amid Student Debt Crisis, many Colleges are Making Big Cuts to Tuition
WMAR Baltimore, February 4, 2019.

Painted pages at the Mitchell Gallery
91.5FM WBJC, February 3, 2019.

Ethical college admissions: tuition resets
Inside Higher Ed, January 28, 2019.

Emergency blue-light phones are a symbol of safety. Is symbolism worth thousands?
The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 25, 2019.

As college costs keep rising, some schools slash tuition.
CBS News, January 23, 2019.

Private colleges turn to tuition slashing to say alive in crowded market.
WBUR, January 23, 2019.

'It's not necessarily helping affordability': Inside recent college price-chopping.
WBUR, January 23, 2019.

Attention, college shoppers. These schools are slashing their prices.
The Washington Post, January 21, 2019

Experimental colleges once were the future.  Now, what is their future?
The Boston Globe, January 18, 2019