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Online Texts for Program Readings: Fall Semester

This guide provides links to full-text resources and audio resources available for program readings.

2021 Fall Semester Reading List

Date Reading Online Resources
August 26 Cervantes: Don Quixote Part One
August 30 Cervantes: Don Quixote (See above bullets)
September 2 Descartes: Meditations
Letter of Dedication;
September 6 Descartes: Meditations IV–VI (See above bullets)
September 9 Pascal: Pensées (selections) - See Appendix
September 13 Pascal: Pensées (selections) - See Appendix (See above bullets)
September 16 Milton: Paradise Lost I–III
September 20 Milton: Paradise Lost IV;
VI Argument only;
VII Argument, 1–39;
(See above bullets)
September 23 Milton: Paradise Lost IX–X;
XI to 428;
XII 446 to end
(See above bullets)
September 27 Hobbes: Leviathan Frontispiece;
Letter of Dedication;
Author’s Preface;
Chapters 1–11
September 30 Hobbes: Leviathan Chapters 12–18 (See above bullets)
October 4 Hobbes: Leviathan Chapters 19–21,
28 (only the very last paragraph);
(See above bullets)
October 7 Hobbes: Leviathan Chapters 30–31;
32 (first four paragraphs);
38 (paragraphs 3–6, 17–24, according to the Hackett numbering);
A Review and Conclusion (last paragraph)
(See above bullets)
October 11 Spinoza: Ethics
Book 1, through proposition 29;
Marginal pages II/45–II/71
October 14 Spinoza: Ethics
Book 1, proposition 30 through end;
Book 2 through proposition 13;
Marginal pages II/71–II/97
(See above bullets)
October 18 Leibniz: Discourse on Metaphysics
October 21 Leibniz: Philosophical Essays  See Appendix
October 25 Leibniz: Principles of Nature and Grace;
Philosophical Essays See Appendix
October 28 – December 16 Preceptorial