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Online Texts for Program Readings: Spring Semester

This guide provides links to full-text resources and audio resources available for program readings.

Online Texts

This is a guide with links to full-text/audio resources of program works. Below is a list of databases with full-text sources and audio recordings. For help accessing these resources, please contact Johnathan Longo, Public Services Librarian, at 410-295-6927 or, or Catherine Dixon, Library Director at 410-626-2550 or

Digital Loeb Classical Library Early Modern Texts Naxos Music Library Naxos Spoken Word Library Open Library Project Gutenberg

2020 Spring Semester Reading List

Date Reading Online Resources
February 4 Dante: Divine ComedyInferno
February 8 Dante: Divine ComedyInferno 
February 11 No seminar—Move-in day
February 15 Dante: Divine ComedyPurgatorio
February 18 Dante: Divine ComedyPurgatorio 
February 22 Dante: Divine ComedyParadiso 
February 25 Dante: Divine ComedyParadiso 

March 1

Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologiae
First Part of the Second Part:

  • Question 90
  • Question 91, Articles 1–5
  • Question 93, Articles 1–3, 5, 6
  • Question 94
  • Question 95, Articles 1, 2
  • Question 96, Articles 2–6
  • Question 97, Articles 1–3
March 4
  • Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologiae 
    First Part of the Second Part:
    • Question 100, Articles 1–3, 9, 10, 12
    • Questions 106, 108, 109
March 8
  • Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologiae
    • Second Part of the Second Part, Questions 1, 2, 4
  • Christian Creeds 
March 11 Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
Knight’s Tale
March 15 Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
Miller’s Prologue and Tale
Reeve’s Prologue and Tale
March 18 Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
Nun’s Priest’s Tale and Epilogue
Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale

March 22 Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
Clerk’s Prologue and Tale
Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale
March 25 Shakespeare: As You like It
March 29 Montaigne: Essays
To the Reader
I, 31 (Of Cannibals)
II, 11 (Of Cruelty)
III, 2 (Of Repentance)
April 1 Montaigne: Essays
III, 13 (Of Experience)
April 5 Machiavelli: The Prince
April 8 Machiavelli: Discourses on Livy
Introductory Letter
Book I: Preface, 1–28, 58 to end
Book II: Preface, 1–5
April 12 Shakespeare: Richard II
April 15 Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part I
April 19 Shakespeare: Othello
April 22 Shakespeare: Hamlet
April 26 Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book I, Chapters 1–6; 15
April 29 Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book II, Chapters 1, 2 (#12–27), 3  
May 3 J. S. Bach: St. Matthew Passion  
May 6 Bacon: Novum Organum, Book I, Preface and Aphorisms 1–115
May 10 Bacon: Novum Organum, Book I, Aphorisms 116–130
Book II, Aphorisms 1–20
May 13 Descartes: Discourse on Method, I–IV
May 17 Descartes: Discourse on Method, V–VI
May 20 Shakespeare: Macbeth
May 24 Shakespeare: King Lear
May 27 Shakespeare: The Tempest