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Online Texts for Program Readings: Fall Semester

This guide provides links to full-text resources and audio resources available for program readings.

Online Texts

This is a guide with links to full-text/audio resources of program works. Below is a list of databases with full-text sources and audio recordings. For help accessing these resources, please contact Johnathan Longo, Public Services Librarian, at 410-295-6927 or, or Catherine Dixon, Library Director at 410-626-2550 or

Digital Loeb Classical Library Early Modern Texts Naxos Music Library Naxos Spoken Word Library Open Library Project Gutenberg

2021 Fall Semester Reading List

Date Reading Online Resources
August 26 Homer: Iliad, I–VI
August 30 Homer: Iliad, VII–XII (See above bullets)
September 2 Homer: Iliad, XIII–XVIII (See above bullets)
September 6 Homer: Iliad, XIX-XXIV (See above bullets)
September 9 Homer: Odyssey, I–VIII
September 13 Homer: Odyssey, IX–XVI (See above bullets)
September 16 Homer: Odyssey, XVII–XXIV (See above bullets)
September 20 Plato: Meno
September 23 Aeschylus: Agamemnon
September 27 Aeschylus: Libation Bearers
September 30 Plato: Gorgias, 447A–481B
October 4 Plato: Gorgias, 481B–to end (See above bullets)
October 7 Plutarch: Lives, Lycurgus; Solon
October 11

Herodotus: History, I;
II 50–53, 112–120;
III 37–38, 66-87

  • Trans. A. D. Godley 
    (Digital Loeb Classical Library)
  • Trans. G. C. Macaulay 
    (Project Gutenberg)
  • Read by David Timson
    (Naxos Spoken Word Library)
October 14 Herodotus: History, V 105;
VI 48–120;
VII (entire)
(See above bullets)
October 18 Herodotus: History, VIII;
(See above bullets)
October 21 Plato: Republic, I–II 367E
October 25 Plato: Republic, II 367E–IV 427C (See above bullets)
October 28 Plato: Republic, IV 427D–VI 502C (See above bullets)
November 1 Plato: Republic, VI 502D–VII (See above bullets)
November 4 Plato: Republic, VIII–IX (See above bullets)
November 8 Plato: Republic, X (See above bullets)
November 11 Aristophanes: Clouds
November 15 Plato: Apology and Crito
November 18 Plato: Phaedo, 57A–84B
November 22 Plato: Phaedo, 84B–118B (See above bullets)
November 29 Thucydides: Peloponnesian War, I;
II 1-54
December 2 Thucydides: Peloponnesian War,
II 55-78;
III 1-87;
IV 1-74
(See above bullets)
December 6 Thucydides: Peloponnesian War,
IV 75–end;
V 1-26, 84–116;
VI (complete)
(See above bullets)
December 9 Thucydides: Peloponnesian War,
VIII 1–6, 45–end
(See above bullets)
December 13 Plato: Symposium, Beginning–198A
December 16 Plato: Symposium, 198–end (See above bullets)