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Online Texts for Program Readings: Spring Semester

This guide provides links to full-text resources and audio resources available for program readings.

Online Texts

This is a guide with links to full-text/audio resources of program works. Below is a list of databases with full-text sources and audio recordings. For help accessing these resources, please contact Johnathan Longo, Public Services Librarian, at 410-295-6927 or, or Catherine Dixon, Library Director at 410-626-2550 or

Digital Loeb Classical Library Early Modern Texts Naxos Music Library Naxos Spoken Word Library Open Library Project Gutenberg

2020 Spring Semester Reading List

Date Reading Online Resources
February 1

Plato: Parmenides
 beginning–148D, 166C

February 4 Plato: Theaetetus
February 8 Plato: Theaetetus
February 11 Plato: Sophist
February 15 Plato: Sophist
February 18 Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
Book I
February 22 Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
Books II, III
February 25 Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
Books IV, V

March 1 Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
Books VI, VII

March 4 Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
Books VIII, IX


March 8 Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics
Book X
March 11 Aristotle: Politics
I 1–7 (1252a1–1255b40)
12–13 (1259a37–1260b25)
III, 1–11 (1274b30–1282b13)
March 15

Aristotle: Politics (selections)

  • 1282b14–1288b6 (III 12–18)
  • 1288b10–1297a13
    (Lord and most others IV 1–12; Simpson VI 1–12)
  • 1323a14–1326b26
    (Lord and most others VII 1–4; Simpson IV 1–4)
  • 1327b18–1328a21
    (Lord and most others VII 7; Simpson IV 7)
March 18 Sophocles: Oedipus Tyrannus
March 22 Sophocles: Oedipus at Colonus
March 25 Sophocles: Antigone
March 29 Sophocles: Philoctetes
April 1 Aristotle: Physics
I (A) 1 (184a10–184b16)
II (B) (192b8–200b11)
April 5 Aristotle: Physics
III (Γ) 1–3 (200b12–202b29)
IV (Δ) 10–14 (217b30–224a16)
April 8

Aristotle: Physics
III (Γ) 4–6 (202b30–207a32)
IV (Δ) 1–2 (208a28–210a13)
4–5 (210b33–213a12)
8 (214b12–216b21)

April 12 Aristotle: Physics
VIII (θ) 1 (250b11–252b6)
4–7 (254b7–261b26)
9–10 (265a13–267b26)

April 15 Aristotle: Metaphysics
I (Α) 1–7 (980a21–988b22)
II (α) (993a30–995a20)
April 19 Aristotle: Metaphysics
IV (Γ) 1–4 (1003a21–1009a5)
VII (Ζ) 1–3 (1028a10–1029b12), 17 (1041a6–b33)

April 22 Aristotle: Metaphysics
IX (Θ) 6 (1048a25–b36),
8 (1049b4–1051a3),
XII (Λ) 1 (1069a18–b7)
6–10 (1071b3–1076a4)

April 26 Euripides: Hippolytus
April 29 Euripides: The Bacchae
May 3 Aristotle: Poetics
Chapters 1–19 (1447a10–1456b19)
May 6 Aristotle: On the Soul
I, 1
II, 1–7, 11–12
May 10 Aristotle: On the Soul
III, 1–13
May 13 Plato: Timaeus
May 17 Plato: Phaedrus
May 20 Plato: Phaedrus